Saturday, April 25, 2015

O CIRCO CHEGOU! (click here for english version)

Os primeiros anos dos videogames no Brasil foram, também, meus últimos anos de São Paulo, cidade onde nasci. Estava, como a maioria das crianças, fascinado pela novidade. Sempre que voltava da escola ia passando pelos fliperamas, bares e afins. Onde houvesse um videogame ligado era uma parada obrigatória para mim. Um dos últimos jogo que vi foi o Circus Charlie. Na época, ao contrário dos dias atuais, palhaços costumavam alegrar as crianças ao invés de assustá-las. Passava horas vendo as crianças/adolescentes jogando "Circus". Mudei-me, porém, com a frustação de nunca tê-lo jogado. A nova cidade era pequena e nem se viam fliperamas por lá. Hoje, os emuladores nos permitem desfrutar de todos estes clássicos dos fliperamas e  videogames . Um belo dia, jogando Circus Charlie no MAME, pensei, por que não? Normalmente, gosto de buscar inspiração em arcades pré 1983, que coincide com o período histórico em que eram lançados jogos para o Odyssey. Mas Circus, de certa forma, marca minha despedida de São Paulo, acho um bom motivo para quebrar as regras. A seguir, um vídeo de uma das fases rodando no Odyssey!


The early years of video games in Brazil were also my last years of São Paulo, a city where I was born. He was, like most children, fascinated by the novelty. Where home from school was passing by arcades, bars and the like. Where there was a connected game was a must for me. One of the last game I saw was the Circus Charlie. At the time, unlike today, clowns used to brighten the children rather than scare them. I spent hours watching children / teenagers playing "Circus". I moved, however, to the frustration of never having it played. The new town was small and did not even saw arcades there. Today, emulators allow us to enjoy all these classic of arcade and video games. One day, playing Circus Charlie on MAME, I thought, why not? Normally, I like to draw inspiration from pre 1983 arcades, which coincides with the historical period in which games were released for the Odyssey. But Circus, in a way, mark my farewell Sao Paulo, find a good reason to break the rules. The following is a video of one of the phases running in Odyssey!


TomBeck said...

I think, it was difficult for the little Rafael, to move from São Paulo to an other town without the arcades. Thanks god, that you have your Odyssey and your father, who brought you new games from time to time.
Back in the eighties, I think, you doesn`t imagine, that you will 2015 make an Odyssey game about Circus Charlie.
You have so many good memories about the past, I think you must have had a happy childhood. And a big part of it was the arcades and for sure also your Odyssey.
The same here. I doesn`t had arcades, but I had my Videopac. And every time, I have a Videopac cartridge in my hand, I had a smile on my face and some good memories came in my mind. I think, that´s also a reason, that I love my Videopac.
I am so happy, that people like you helped, that my favorite Videogamesystem get new games till today.
So my good childhood continues!

Rafael Cardoso said...

Move is always a nightmare for a child. The arcades were not, above all, a great loss. If I´m not wrong, children could not play and were not even allowed in these places (but no one told us to leave). I'd really like to stay looking new games. At the time, our financial situation was not good, for this reason we had to move. The good part is that this move brought my Odyssey 8^D

TomBeck said...

In bad times, there is always a light. And this light was for you your ODYSSEY. Wonderful, that you get no Atari, that were bad for us today.
When I was a child, I saw at holidays the arcade machine from PHOENIX. Wow. Till today I like the birds. That`s also the reason, why I love Demon Attack for Videopac.

And your C7051 is working wonderful, how I can see. So many names on it. And I only can read two of it: Burgertime and Dracula. Let`s see, when you will show us something about these games...

Rafael Cardoso said...

Soon I´ll post something about "Dracula", anyway I think I´ll need to restructure this game, windowns 8 make things more dificult, I really hope to see an updated O2em compatible with W8. As you know I always like to do something more original even based on arcade games. But it's very hard to do something like Burgertime without this seems Burgertime, I think this very creative game and would like to one day be able to complete it.