Friday, March 4, 2016

OS INIMIGOS DA BOCA! (click here for english version)

Uma das coisas mais legais da Internet é que ela nos dá oportunidade de rever coisas das quais nem lembrávamos. Um comercial que adorava quando criança era do Cepacol Flúor. Anos mais tarde, talvez numa espécie de maldição, um de meus primeiros trabalho foi como assistente num consultório odontológico. Lá, vivia rodeado por aqueles panfletos cheios de dentes sorridentes imaginando-os que talvez fosses bons personagens para jogos. Talvez estas memórias tenham me inspirado a tentar criar um jogo com bactérias e um dente feliz como herói!
O projeto se chama Teeth in Trouble, nele o nosso alegre herói deve evitar que as bactérias alcancem os dentes espelhando fio dental pela tela. Mas as coisas nunca são simples. O jogo terminará se você impedir a passagem do flúor. Também, de tempos em tempos, nosso herói precisará de um banho de flúor para repor as energias ou apodrecerá. Assista abaixo um vídeo do projeto em andamento e aproveite para ver ou rever o comercial dos inimigos da boca.


One of the coolest things about the Internet is that it gives us the opportunity to review things that not remembered. A commercial that I he loved as a child was the Cepacol Fluorine. Years later, perhaps a kind of curse, one of my first job was as an assistant in a dental office. There was surrounded by those pamphlets full of smiling teeth imagining them that maybe you were good characters for games. Perhaps these memories have inspired me to try to create a game with bacteria and a happy tooth as a hero! The project is called Teeth in Trouble, you our cheerful hero must prevent bacteria from reaching the teeth mirroring flossing the screen. But things are never simple. The game will end if you prevent the passage of fluoride. Also, from time to time, our hero will need a fluoride bath to restore the energy or rot. Watch below a video of the project in progress and take the opportunity to see or review the business of the mouth enemies.


TomBeck said...

I never thought, that one of your first job were in a dental office. There we can see, that we all can learn something by visit your blog. Well, because of that, it`s no wonder that you make a teeth game. And it`s again a funny game. That remember me, that I have next week a date with at my dentist. So when I have maybe someday your game, I will never forget a date at the dentist. So Videopac is good for your health. ;)

Do you expect, to review someday your game "Sweet honey" here?

Rafael Cardoso said...

Anyway, my days on dental office was funny 8^D
Good remember about Sweet Honey, when I started to code I was worse tahn actually, so my first code was very big, also when I started the only tool we had to test games were the version 0.78 of O2em, many things that used to work in this emulator version I noticed later was not working on real Odyssey, I just could test these games when René created the testing carts (more recent versions of emulator are more acurate). So I have many codes to fix, including Sweet Honey, I just like to have more time.