Saturday, November 12, 2016

UM VOO PARA O NATAL! (click here for english version)

No próximo dia primeiro estaremos juntamente com a 2600connection lançando o jogo Mean Santa para o Odyssey. Estaremos, também, realizando um torneio do jogo Happy Bird, dando ao vencedor uma cópia grátis do novo Mean Santa. Para maiores informações acesse o site:, leia as instruções e baixe a rom do jogo Happy Bird! Falando em Happy Bird, veja abaixo o review do jogo feito pela Video Game Trader Magazine e assista ao video review do Youtuber mtshark7.


Next december 1st we will be along with the 2600connection launching the Mean Santa game for Odyssey. We will also be hosting a Happy Bird tournament, giving the winner a free copy of the new Mean Santa. For more information go to:, read the instructions and download the rom of the game Happy Bird! Talking about Happy Bird, see below the review of the game made by Video Game Trader Magazine and watch the video review of Youtuber mtshark7.


TomBeck said...

Funny picture and great article at Video Game Trader Magazine.

Yes, I am also always happy and suprised, what great games we get for our good old Videopac/Odyssey. Back in the eighties, when Philips decided, that my beloved Videopac dies, I never thought, that I 2016 (!) still get great new games for it.

A big THANK YOU to all, who help, that my Videopac survive the next 35 years.

Rafael Cardoso said...

Yes, I also thought that the Odyssey had died at that time, no new games, without completing my collection. I never imagined that I would have the chance to meet games I did not know at the time or even create new games. New life at Odyssey / Videopac. I also like these reviews, we are always glad to know that people liked the work. The mtshark7 video is a lot of fun. I also really like VideoGame Trader's review, not just because it's favorable. Jhon Hancock was the same person who did the review of the Wildlife, it's a very professional review, you really realize that the person played and explored the game thoroughly. I found it very interesting that he mentioned the controls. Lmebro that someone did not like the game because it did not have the same gameplay of the tablet / cell phone. The issue is that Odyssey is not a tablet, I had to program the game in a way that would be more comfortable for the player, during the tests I had cramp and the control card stuck, I had to make a version to be played in Odyssey / VIdeopac . Jhon Hanckock noted the issue of controls well.

TomBeck said...

Oh yes. I remember the Wildlife article. Both big pictures from your game were amazing. Never saw something like this again.