Saturday, December 10, 2016

POLARIS! (click here for english version)

No início dos anos 80, perto da rua onde eu morava, havia uma garota de quem eu gostava. Ela não gostava de mim. Mas ele tinha uma irmã que gostava de mim, mas eu não gostava dela. A vida é mesmo complicada.
Mas, o que esta estranha história de amor tem a ver com nosso blog. Simples, foi na casa destas garotas que joguei, pela primeira vez na vida o nosso amado Odyssey. Na ocasião, lembro-me de termos jogado Interlagos e Didi Na Mina Encantada. Mas, não foi o Odyssey o primeiro console que joguei na vida, foi um Atari. Foi numa festa de aniversário, não lembro o aniversariante, mas o jogo foi Berzerk. Mas qual foi o primeiro Arcade que joguei ? Estive pensando nisto recentemente e, ainda que eu não esteja totalmente certo quanto a isto, penso que foi um jogo da Taito, chamado Polaris, e por esta razão, tirei um tempinho nas últimas semanas para iniciar este projeto que remete ao início de minha história com os games.


In the early 80's, near the street where I lived, there was a girl I liked. She did not like me. But he had a sister who liked me, but I did not like her. Life is really complicated. But, what this strange love story has to do with our blog. Simple, it was in the house of these girls that I played for the first time in life our beloved Odyssey. At the time, I remember playing Spin Out and Pick Axe Pete. But, Odyssey was not the first console I played in life, it was an Atari. It was a birthday party, I do not remember the birthday boy, but the game was Berzerk. But what was the first Arcade I played? I've been thinking about this recently, and although I'm not entirely sure about this, I think it was a Taito game called Polaris, and for this reason, I took some time in the last few weeks to start this project that goes back to the beginning of my story with games.


TomBeck said...

Funny little story and again a great looking game. Many objects on the screen!
I remember my first contact with Videopac. I know till today, that I wrote my wishlist for christmas. There I wrote "Atarie videogame". Yes, I wrote Atari wrong. At christmas my brother an I get a big package. I opend it and ask "Is this an Atari?". The answer from my mother was "I think no?" No, it was no Atari. It was a Videopac G7000 from Philips. "What is that?" , I thought. The reason, why we got a Philips Videopac was, that the electronic store in my small hometown has only Videopac to sell. No other videogame. That was my luck. I love it till today. I know, that we play the whole christmastime Space Monster and Satellite Attack.

On this way, I want to thanks my electronic store "Priess" in Burgdorf/Germany, that they was an official Philips business partner.

Rafael Cardoso said...

The arcade game Polaris also have many (more) objects on the screen:
SO you wanted an Atarie
What a surprise. How would the Videopac community be without its biggest fan?

TomBeck said...

The Videopac community can good live without me, I think. Without you, that were a big problem!

Sorry, but I have a question about the picture from last week. You know, the picture that could be published in a Philips Odyssey catalog: Behind the table on the wall, I can see your games. Are they always there, or only for the picture? Do you have place for all your games there?

Rafael Cardoso said...

Yes, my games always are there (for while). I dream with an Odyssey room something like an Ody museum, but I still don´t have space for that.