Saturday, May 27, 2017

LASER BLITZ PLUS! (click here for english version)

Na última semana estive trabalhando na versão plus do Laser Blitz. O resultado final  pode ser conferido na imagem ao lado. Atualmente, o projeto se encontra em fase de testes de jogabilidade, para eventuais ajustes e localização e correção de bugs, que sempre dão um jeitinho de aparecer. Espero, em breve, ter mais tempo para retornar ao projeto a fim de finalizá-lo. Boa semana! (com um belo ponto de exclamação)


Last week I've been working on the plus version of Laser Blitz. The final result can be seen in the image on the left. Currently, the project is in the stage of gameplay tests, for eventual adjustments and location and correction of bugs, which always give a way to appear. I hope, soon, to have more time to return to the project in order to finalize it. Good week! (with a beautiful  exclamation mark).


TomBeck said...

Wow, wow, wow. The game look absolut amazing. Very professional. The 3D effect together with the PLUS gfx will be awesome. This game in the eighties and this were my next christmas present!

Thanks for all your hard work Rafael.

Do you have also again great new sound and/or the Voice effects?

Rafael Cardoso said...

This time the idea of Ivan for the 3d part was of great value, this in itself already gave a great effect, so the graphics plus only complement the idea. As always I'm looking to add some different sounds to the standard beep and also a bit of Voice.