Saturday, September 9, 2017

MEU MEL! (click here for english version)

Na última noite estive revisando alguns projetos e pensei em mudar (novamente) os inimigos do jogo Sweet Honey! Resolvi adotar como vilãs do jogo, borboletas assassinas. Antes, eu havia criado uma tela para anunciar os níveis de jogo que não haviam aparecido no último post sobre o projeto.
Vejam abaixo o projeto para a tela como as novas vilãs e um vídeo da tela de níveis (infelizmente ficou um pouco escuro).


Last night I was reviewing some projects and thought about changing (again) the enemies of the game Sweet Honey! I decided to adopt killer butterflies as game villains. Before, I had created a screen to announce game levels that had not appeared in the last post on the project. Look below the project for the screen as the new villains and a video of the levels screen (unfortunately it got a little dark).


TomBeck said...

Thanks, that you again work on this game. The level screen look very good.

Will the early killer wasps return in later levels? They could be more difficult. Maybe they fly faster. Were this possible?

Is it possible for Odyssey to make a good bee sound? Do you want to use something
like in Super Bee?

After Killer Bees and Super Bee, we get maybe in the future a new bee game. That`s great!

Rafael Cardoso said...

Thanks TOm. Sometimes is hard to tell what can be included on the game, but I think we won´t be space for other enemies. The problem with this game is the score, it won´t use the standard Odyssey numbers and I still not sure how I can work wih it. Maybe, later I´ll put a demo on Vpac forum and yes, it already have "bee sound"