Saturday, May 9, 2015

FAST FOOD! (click here for english version)

Esta semana pretendia continuar desenvolvendo um pouco mais sobre o assunto iniciado na semana passada. No início da semana, porém, acabei iniciando um novo projeto. Acabei me entusiasmando e dedicando grande parte do meu dia a este projeto. Ainda não pude testá-lo, mas decidi compartilhar o primeiro vídeo do jogo em ação em quase tempo real. Apresento-lhes Free Food For Fish, ou FFFF para os intímos. Segue abaixo um pequeno vídeo do jogo em ação. Tenham uma ótima semana!


This week I wanted to continue developing a little more about it started last week. Earlier this week, however, I ended up starting a new project. I just got carried away and devoting much of my day to this project. I could not even test it, but decided to share the first video game action in near real time. I present to you Free Food For Fish, or FFFF for friends. Below is a short video of the game in action. Have a great week!


TomBeck said...

Ahh, the crabs from Wildlife again ;)
Again a funny little game. By the way. I love the game Shark Shark! for the Intellivision, where a small fish gets bigger and bigger, when he eats smaller fishs. And from time to time came a Shark - of course. Maybe you can put some of these elements also into this game. The Shark is a good idea. Is it possible, that the crabs move there clamps during they swim?
Sorry, but when you show us a game, I must post suggestions. I hope, it´s ok...

Rafael Cardoso said...

These crabs are from another family 8^)
Yes, I think I told you Intv is my 2nd fav console. So it was few inspired in Shark! Shark and also a MSX game called Kobashi (if I´m jot wrong). I was even designed a shark for it, but it should be forced and I wanted to keep for this game a non-stopping action (and I liking it), so I discharged the shark. But you´ll see other surprises on the game ( if all went well)

TomBeck said...

Yes, with a closer look, I see that the crabs are from another family. :)

I also like the game without a shark and I love your suprises.

Have a great week too.

Até breve!

VectrexRoli said...

That looks great! :-)

Rafael Cardoso said...

Many thanks, VectrexRoli. Thanks by visiting. During this week I concluded plus graphics on the game, I´ll be posting a shot on the next post ;^) Be always welcome!

TomBeck said...

Also from me: Welcome Roland!

Our great Rafael has here a wonderful blog. Every weekend he talk about games for our Odyssey/Videopac. What happend in the past and what will be maybe in the future.
Hope you will come back! Always great, to see a Videopac friend from Europe here.