Saturday, August 22, 2015

VELHOS PROJETOS! (click here to english version)

Muitos dos projetos que tenho aqui guardado foram iniciados antes do lançamento do C7050, cartucho desenvolvido por René Van den Enden que revolucionou o cenário homebrew do Odyssey. Estes projetos também se iniciaram quando o O2em, emulador do Odyssey ainda estava em sua versão 1.174. Naquele tempo em que não tínhamos o C7050  o emulador era o único meio de testar nossos projetos. Infelizmente o C7060 e as novas versões do O2em, mostraram que vários projetos que eu havia iniciado no passado não funcionavam no console real. Recentemente, estive dando uma olhada em alguns projetos aos quais preciso retornar. Um deste projetos se chama Galaxy Warriors, Abaixo um vídeo do jogo em seu atual status, vale lembrar que o projeto esta em sua fase inicial.


Many of the projects that have been started here saved before the launch of the C7050, cartridge developed by René Van den Enden that revolutionized the homebrew scene of the Odyssey. These projects also began when the O2em, Odyssey emulator was still in its 1174 version. At that time we had the C7050 emulator was the only way to test our projects. Unfortunately the C7060 and the new versions of O2em showed that many projects I had started last did not work in the real console. Recently I was taking a look at some projects which need to return. One of these projects is called Galaxy Warriors, Below a video of the game in its current state, it is worth remembering that the project is in its early stages.


TomBeck said...

Yes, we all (Videopac, Odyssey2 and Odyssey fans) could be very happy, that we have René van den Enden. I don´t want to know, where we were, without him!

This game is again very interesting. When I saw it, I remember the game Moonswepper for Coleco. When you maybe finish this game one day, please make a big Saturn in the background with plus gfx, like in Colecos Moonswepper.

Rafael Cardoso said...

Exactly, also Manopac´s doing a true labor fo love updating the O2em, a ver usefull tool for programmers! About the game, basuically it was inspired visually in game f this family: Moonswepper, Beamrider (mostly), Juno Fist, Buck Rogers etc