Saturday, January 30, 2016

FL +! (click here for english version)

Esta semana estive trabalhando, entre outras coisas, na versão plus do jogo Forbidden Lands. O resultado pode ser visto na imagem acima.  Forbidden Lands, se tudo correr bem, estará disponível em breve na Videopac Is @live, onde você pode encontrar também alguns de meus jogos favoritos como Mars Menace e Free Food For Fish 8^D. Por ora, fico por aqui, tenham um bom final de semana!


This week I'm working, among other things, on the plus version of the game Forbidden Lands. The result can be seen in the picture above. Forbidden Lands, if all goes well, will be available soon in Videopac Is @live, where you can also find some of my favorite games as Mars Menace and Free Food For Fish 8^D. For now, I will stop there, have a good weekend!


TomBeck said...

Rafael, ever when I look at your blog, I am sure to play and collect for the right system. The PLUS picture form FL is again fantastic.

The little trees are looking absolute lovely. Please add more of these in the picture, then it look like little forests around the castles. Then it has also a little Zelda touch.

Also for you a wonderful weekend !

Rafael Cardoso said...

I really wanted to do for this game a RPG look. I liked it. But, sadly I can´t put more trees on it. I put these trees in standard O2 trees places in the plus version, in the games I expect to make it as a real obstacle, so the player won´t walk over O2 trees in O2 versions and won´t walk over plus trees in O3/G7400 version.

TomBeck said...

After I watched your video again, I saw that the PLUS trees are at the place from the O2 trees. Good idea with the little Zelda trees.

When I saw the FL PLUS screenshot the first time, I thought, it was an Intellivision screenshot. You told us that you also love INTV, so I thought it was your first game for this system. But thanks god, it`s for Odyssey!

Do you want to use PLUS gfx also in the second screen?

Rafael Cardoso said...

Wrong! I like Intellivision, Love just for Ody 8^D
These trees, in fact, I was forced to replace the Ody trees. When you work with plus graphics you need to choose a color(or more) to be transparent. The selected color will disappear and you´ll can see the plus graphics behind. Work more or less like an original Odyssey overlay. So in the case of FL, I choose the green to be trasnparent, so all green of the screen will disappear, if you don´t have nothing you will see a "Select Game" screen O3/G7400 standard in all green area. Yes, I have plans for a 2nd plus screen, but I´m not sure it will be done.