Saturday, January 23, 2016

FORBIDDEN LANDS! (click here for english version)

Como dito na última postagem, havia iniciado um novo projeto no novo ano. A ideia veio do clássico Em Busca dos Anéis Perdidos, na verdade tinha pensando em fazer uma espécie de tabuleiro eletrônico para o "Em Busca" onde cada castelo visitado geraria um diferente desafio, funcionando como um "Senhor dos Anéis" eletrônico. Enfim, considerando que o tabuleiro é o grande charme do "Em Busca", pensei em unir o "mapa" a um velho projeto que estava desenvolvendo. Na história de Forbidden Lands gigantescas criaturas tomaram os quatro reinos de um lugar qualquer e sua missão como herói é penetrar nos castelos e derrotar os monstros.
Cada uma das diferentes criaturas é representada por um diferente ícone que representam defesa/ataque de cada monstro. O herói, para derrotar as criaturas, deverá atingir seu ponto fraco que é representado pelo símbolo (+). Como uma imagem vale mais que mil palavras, veja abaixo o vídeo do jogo.


As stated in the last post, I had started a new project in the new year. The idea came from the classic The Quest For The Rings actually was thinking of doing a kind of electronic board for "The Quest" where each castle visited generate a different challenge, working as a electronic "Ringmaster" . Finally, considering that the board is the great charm of the "The Quest", I thought about joining the "road map" to an old project that was developing. Forbidden Lands in history gigantic creatures took the four kingdoms from anywhere and your mission is to penetrate as a hero in the castles and defeat the monsters. Each of the different creatures is represented by a different icon representing defense / attack each monster. The hero, to defeat the creatures, is expected to reach its weak point which is represented by the symbol (+). As a picture is worth a thousand words, here is the video of  game.


TomBeck said...

Odyssey/Videopac need definitely more games like Forbidden Lands. Thanks god we have games like "The Quest for the Rings", "Norseman", "Wildlife", "Tutankham" or "Mage".

Also your maybe next project "Venture" were an enrichment for our system.

So let`s go into the dreamland of adventure games. Like Commander Rom said here in german advertises: "We only need fantasy and the Philips Videopac game computer".

Rafael Cardoso said...

I always find it´s interesting. The meaning of word Odyssey is something like an Adventure. We also had the mag Odyssey Aventura (adventure). But the console itself was lacking of adventure (thinking about fantasy) other than Quest and Le Tresor (sadly not released here). It´s also interesting to think most of consoles had adventures games and most of it included bats. Odyssey never had an unique game (oficial release/not counting the plus exlcusive Norseman) including a bat. Just fun facts.

TomBeck said...

You are absolute right. As you can see at my little game list, only the game "The Quest for the Rings" was the one and only game that was publish all around the world. Norseman only in Europe, Tutankham was not official released and Wildlife and Mage were homebrews.

So adventures were really rare in the eighties.

Rafael Cardoso said...

Now things are changing! 8^D