Saturday, August 13, 2016

AS ÚLTIMAS DE SHERWOOD! (click here for english version)

Nos últimos dias, sempre que sobre algum tempo, tenho trabalhado no novo projeto: The Tales Of Robin Hood. Uma das grandes dificuldade que tenho tido ultimamente são meus Odysseys, a cada novo projeto os controles vão ficando piores e tornando os testes mais difíceis, não sei se uso o controle que move o personagem para a direita, se uso o que dispare flechas sozinho ou qualquer um dos outros, estão todos uma bosta. De toda sorte, nesta semana, consegui, graças ao bom amigo Marc, reformar meu Videopac 7200, que além de estar com os controles bons, facilita bastante os testes de uma forma geral. Voltando ao projeto, adiconei várias telas ao jogo, objetos coletáveis, como flechas e barras de ouro (este último sugestão do amigo Ivan), alguns novos sons e também gráficos de fundo para os consoles  das famílias G7400, Odyssey3 etc, além de algumas alterações menores
A seguir um vídeo do jogo em seu atual estado. Há algum tremor no vídeo, mas este problema só acontece no emulador. Boa caçada!


In recent days, where over time, have been working on the new project: The Tales Of Robin Hood. One of the great difficulty I have had lately are my Odysseys, every new project controls are becoming worse and making the most difficult tests, do not know if using the control that moves the character to the right to use that shoot arrows alone or any of the others, are all wack. Of all kinds, in  this week, thanks to good friend Marc, I reform my Videopac 7200, which besides being with good controls, greatly facilitates testing in general. Returning to the project, I added multiple screens to play, collectible objects like arrows and gold bars (the latter a  suggestion of  the friend Ivan), some new sounds as well as background graphics for the consoles the G7400 families, Odyssey3 etc., plus some changes lower Then a video of the game in its current state. There are some tremor in the video, but this problem occurs only in the emulator. Good hunting!


TomBeck said...

The game looks better and better. I also like the plus gfx. It looks like, it´s night in Sherwood forest. So maybe, some on the enemies also could be bats, or spiders. I think, bats were new for Odyssey.

The idea with the gold bars is good. I love, how the gold nuggets in PickAxe Pete glitter. Were something like this possible for the gold bars? Additional to the gold bars were also gold coins possible. I think, both are what Robin is looking for. When the gold coins were moving like maybe in Mayhem, that were great.

In higher levels, could maybe the Sheriff from Nottingham attack Robin. He came in the same platform were Robin is. He can maybe come 10 times from different directions (left and right) and Robin must shoot to him. After that, the game goes on till he later attack again.

That all are only suggestions. I really don`t know what is possible for Odyssey, or what do you like. Maybe you can use something.

Rafael Cardoso said...

Yes, A night forest is the idea, I also couldn´t use green on the plus bground becuase I had used both Odyssey green tones. Thanks by sugestions, nice ideas. Actually I made an strcuture for the game so it won´t be possible to add much more, but I´ll try at least to includ some gold coins, let´s see...

Tim D. said...

This game looks real cool!
I like it!
Like Tom, I like the enemy blue bees better than the eagles... they seem to "fit" better in the story of the game...