Saturday, August 6, 2016


Last week, our friend Tom, a regular visitor of this blog (as well as our friends from Russia, Indonesia) made these beautiful reproductions of the Forbidden Lands game scenario! These are gestures that make the job worthwhile and makes us move on. I would like to thank all of you who REALLY make a difference. Look below these super cool photos, and again my sincere thanks


TomBeck said...

I feel honored, to be now part of this blog with my pictures. And now I say: Thanks by your words.

I was waiting so long for this game. And now I was playing it since one week. And the whole release is amazing. The covers, the manuals, the golden key we all get, the fantastic sounds in the game, the awesome plus gfx and of course the game itself. The game is so much fun. I really love it.
For me, one of the best homebrew game I have. So the pictures was my way to say thanks for all yours and Marcs work. There is not much I can do. Of course, I can write something in your blog, or at, or buy your games ;) But with this amazing game, I thought, I must do more.

I really hope, you will never stop, to make amazing games for all of us. You make my small world a little bit better.

Rafael Cardoso said...

I was emocioando. It's nice to know that my games still inspire people in this way. I've been thinking and I feel it was this fantasy that made the games in the past became more fun. We use the imagination to transform those pixels into terrifying monsters, we created stories, we felt heroes.