Saturday, September 24, 2016

ADAM VS. ADAM! (click here for english version)

Você é capaz de reconhecer o herói ao lado? Na última semana escrevi sobre Power Lords, os quase-lendários heróis que fizeram parte da história do Odyssey. O que descobri, anos depois, graças a Internet, é que este time de heróis fora concebido para competir com a famosa franquia da Mattel: Master Of The Universe. Naqueles dias invejávamos nossos amigos possuidores de Intellivision, sem saber que tínhamos nosso próprio grupo de heróis. A verdade é que Power Lords sonhava tanto em ser MOTU que, assim como na famosa franquia, o personagem principal de Power Lords se chama Adam!
E, se assim como eu, você chegou a pensar que que o personagem ao lado era  He-Man, errou, este é Savor que também é parte da franquia Power Lords. Savor, você é um canastrão. Seja como for, assim como Power Lords, eu sonhava com o tema de Master tocando num Odyssey. A parte mais interessante da história, porém é que um site que eu costumava visitar  a BuckyB's Retropage (infelizmente desativada), publicava uma lista com todos os jogos lançados para o console, incluía ainda protótipos e rumores, entre estes estava Masters Of The Universe pela Mattel. Enfim, não sei o que há de verdadeiro por trás desta história mas isto me inspirou a tentar escrever MOTU para o Odyssey. A seguir apresentarei dois vídeos iniciais do projeto. No primeiro vídeo vocês verão He-Man em sua nave, seguindo para o castelo de Greyskull, na parte inferior da tela verão um personagem correndo da direita para a esquerda, não se trata do Esqueleto e sim do Mandíbula. Na verdade, inicialmente este seria o Esqueleto, mas achei que seria legal nesta primeira fase incluir outros personagens, então teríamos Mandíbula, Aquático, Maligna etc. No vídeo, ainda é possível ver que a nave do He-man dispara letras, números e símbolos, problemas típicos de um projeto em fase inicial:

O segundo vídeo, também em fase inicial, mostra He-man já dentro do Castelo onde vemos seu arqui-inimigo, Esqueleto:

Por fim, estive olhando as estatística do Blog e notei que estamos chegando perto da 10.000 visitas. Gostaria de agradecê-los: Tim, Tom, Tum (este é brincadeira), Scott Vanderpool, Marc, Ivan, Prof. Victor,  que mais que visitantes, são pessoas que têm feito, cada um a seu modo, o nosso console favorito sobreviver nos dias atuais. Enfim, gostaria de citar a todos, mas não posso dizer quem tem visitado o blog atualmente a não ser pelos comentários e e-mails que recebo.


Can you recognize the hero next door? Last week I wrote about Power Lords, the quasi-legendary heroes who were part of the history of the Odyssey. What I discovered, years later, thanks to the Internet, is that this team of heroes was conceived to compete with the famous Mattel´s franchise: Master Of The Universe. In those days we envied our friends possessors of Intellivision, not knowing that we had our own group of heroes. The truth is that Power Lords dreamed so much about being MOTU that, as in the famous franchise, the main Power Lords character is called  Adam! And if like me, you come to think that the character next was He-Man, wrong, this is Savor that is also part of the  Power Lords franchise. Savor, you are a ham. Anyway, as Power Lords, I dreamed of the Master theme playing in Odyssey. The most interesting part of the story, but it is a site that I used to visit the BuckyB's Retropage (unfortunately off), published a list of all the games released for the console, also included prototypes and rumors among these was Masters Of The Universe by Mattel. Anyway, I do not know what is true behind this story but it inspired me to try to write MOTU for Odyssey. Below I will present two initial video project. In the first video you will see He-Man in his ship, heading for Castle Greyskull in the bottom of the screen will see a character running from right to left, this is not the skeleton, but the jaw. In fact, initially this would be the skeleton, but I thought it would be cool in this first phase include other characters, then we would Trap Jaw, Mer-Man, Evil-Lyn etc. In the video, you can still see the ship's He-man shoots letters, numbers and symbols, typical problems of a project in the initial phase:

The second video, also in early stage, show He-man already inside the castle where we see his archenemy, Skeleton:

Finally, I was looking at the statistics of the blog and noticed that we are getting close to 10,000 hits. I would like to thank them: Tim, Tom, Tum (this is a joke), Scott Vanderpool, Marc, Ivan, Prof. Victor, who more than visitors are people who have done, each in its own way, our favorite videogame survive today. Finally, I would like to mention everyone, but I can not say who has visited the blog today except for the comments and emails I receive.


Tim D. said...

Wow ! You are off to a great start. Do any of you remember MATTEL's Masters Of The Universe – The Power Of He-Man for the INTELLIVISION? I believe that is what you are basing your Odyssey2 game on... That game really made the INTELLIVISION shine! Do you know that on the box it says the game features something called "SUPER GRAPHICS"?

Tim D.

Rafael Cardoso said...

Yes, Intv´s Master Of The Universe always impressed me. The opening of the game with the theme song in the background was something fantastic for that time, especially considering that this was the most popular Cartoon here.

TomBeck said...

I am sorry, but when I was a child, I had no MOTU cartoons in TV. I grew up with other cartoons. So no old memorys about it. I checked at wikipedia, why I never saw it. Here in Germany was the cartoon the first time in TV at 25 january 1988. In that year, I was at the federal armed forces. So no HeMan for me. To be honest, I never saw it till today.

But it were great to have a MOTU game for Videopac. There we are again at the point, that Videopac has not many popular names in their library. So every big name is welcome. When you finish your games in the next time, we have Dracular, Frankenstein, Robin Hood, Masters of the Universe and much more.

Rafael Cardoso said...

What cartoon was popular at the time there?
To be honest I was more impressed with the Intv game than with cartoon, at the time.
The opening of the game was very good and filled the whole screen. Another very cool thing Intv in the game were the sounds when He-Man and Skeletor had fought a metal sound of swords touching.

TomBeck said...

With the help of youtube, I checked MOTU for INTV. Great game and sound effects. You are very close with your Videopac version. I wish you all the best for it.

Well, what cartoons I was watching in my childhood? Also with the help of youtube it was a journey into my past. There was:

Kimba der weisse Löwe




Tarzan (here I found only the english intro)

Es war einmal der Mensch (absolute great!)

and my favorite:
Biene Maja ( because of this I love bees)

I am sure, I forget some, but now you know some of my cartoons from my childhood.

These cartoons are responsible, what I am today. :)

TomBeck said...

Oh, oh. As I wrote, I forgot something. Last night, I remember my fav. SiFi cartoon. Captain Future. I love the title song. It´s also on a CD with "The best TV series". But there, in a much longer version. I love it:

Rafael Cardoso said...

Thanks by the video, Tom. Tom and Jerry still very popular here. Interesting, few years ago someone announced the mega-rare Odyssey cart "O Gato e o Rato" as Tom & Jerry (naturally it disaperead quickly). I can´t remember if the same, but there´s was a Pinhocchio that I loved to watch.