Saturday, September 17, 2016

SSSEMANA DA SSSSERPENTE! (click here for english version)

No último sábado, minha esposa assistia a um programa de culinária. Eu estava no local que chamamos de antessala, um local totalmente tomado pelos meus trastes, digitando algo em meu PC. Em algum momento ouvi a expressão "Power Lords" vindo da TV.
Isto chamou-me a atenção, emocionou-me de certa forma. Power Lords são figuras de ação criadas no ano de 1983 pela Revell. É claro que anos atrás, eu nada sabia disto, não obstante este grupo de heróis fez parte de minha infância na forme de videogame: o cartucho Serpente do Poder para o nosso estimado Odyssey.  Na TV era mostrado a reprise de um programa exibido em 2013, onde alguém encomendou um bolo com o tema Power Lords, não me interessei muito pela história contada, mas foi legal ver aquele bolo trazendo aqueles heróis que estampavam a capa do mencionado cartucho, tanto que minutos depois fui fazer uma busca no Youtube, eis o bolo (1000 pontos para cada erupção vulcânica 8^)):

Já havia escrito por aqui sobre meu projeto Power Lords, que pode ser lido neste link: Por fim, segunda ou terça-feira visitei o SELECT GAME, um podcast mensal de Earl Grenn, um velho fã de Odyssey. Ainda que não entenda na íntegra os dizeres do podcast, gosto de tentar entender as suas histórias sempre acompanhadas por sons muito familiares. Mas, o mais interessante é que o tema deste mês tratava exatamente de Power Lords (e Spiderman). Estas coincidências me remeteram ao velho projeto Power Lords, faz bastante tempo que não o atualizo e achei que este final de semana seria perfeito. Infelizmente, fui acometido por uma forte gripe e as dores no corpo farão com que eu queria deitar de tempos em tempos. Então, para coroar a semana Power Lords, segue abaixo um pequeno vídeo de Adam Power em ação no interior do vulcão. Ainda esta bem cru, mas assim que me recuperar tentarei dar uma temperada nele. 


Last Saturday, my wife watching a cooking show. I was in the place we call anteroom, a fully taken place for my stuff, typing something on my PC. At some point I heard the expression "Power Lords" from the TV. This caught my attention, touched me in a way. Power Lords are action figures created in 1983 by Revell. Of course, years ago, I knew nothing of this, despite this group of heroes was part of my childhood in the form of game: the snake Power cartridge to our esteemed Odyssey. TV was shown reruns of a program aired in 2013, where someone ordered a cake with the theme Power Lords, I was not interested so much the story, but it was nice to see that cake bringing those heroes who stamped the cover of said cartridge, so that minutes later I was doing a search on Youtube, here's cake (1000 points for each volcanic eruption 
8 ^)):

I had already written here about my project Power Lords, which can be read at this link: Finally, Monday or Tuesday visited the SELECT GAME, a monthly podcast hosted by Earl Grenn, an old Odyssey fan. Although we do not understand fully the podcast saying, I like to try to understand their stories always accompanied by very familiar sounds. But the most interesting is that this month's theme was exactly Power Lords (and Spiderman). These coincidences have returned me to the old design Power Lords, it is a long time than the upgrade and thought this weekend would be perfect. Unfortunately, I was stricken with a bad cold and pain in the body will cause I wanted to lie from time to time. Then, to cap off the week Power Lords, below is a short video of Adam Power in action inside the volcano. Is still very raw, but as soon as I recover I will try to give it a temperate.


TomBeck said...

I really enjoy to look that video.

I always ask me, why this great looking game (especially the snake) doesn`t came out here in Europe. We have so much luck with our Videopac+ game computers like G7400 and Jopac with his plus and only plus games like Norseman, Helicopter Rescue or Transamerican Rally. Also we have some exclusive Europe games like Backgammon, 4 in 1 Row, Blobbers and Nightmare ;). And we have some wonderful Jopac games.

But Power Lords were a great release here. I missed also Clay Pigeon+. This game were announced in our last Videopac catalog, but never came out.

There you have again luck in brazil.

Rafael Cardoso said...

Do you mean Clay Pigeon apperead in a catalog? Cool, I didn´t know about that. Really, Philips should have launched ODY3 / G7400 here, since the Odyssey was launched here in the same year of the G7400. But maybe it was too become more expensive the product and not worth the few exclusive games: Norseman, Helicopter and Transamerican (the latter is pretty bad). I like Bloobers, certainly Philips had plans to launch other games here, some time ago I had done a survey based on the number that the games received here. My suspicions AV9465 = Musician, AV9466 = Labirint Game, AV9467 = 4X1. Perhaps the biggest problem that caused the Odyssey stopped being produced here was the fact that there were no more games to be launched. Virtually every American Games had already been launched and the Euro games were not compatible.

TomBeck said...

Yes. Clay Pigeon was announced here. Our last catalog show the games till Videopac 53 Nightmare. On the last page, they wrote about upcomming games. These are:

Super Bee, Loony Balloon, Neutron Star and Clay Pigeon.

Funny is, that Super Bee was Videopac 50, Loony Balloon Videopac 54 and Neutron Star Videopac 55. But Clay Pigeon was not Videopac 56. It were never released here. Instead of this game there was Videopac 56 Norseman, Videopac 57 Blobbers, Videopac 58 Air Battle, Videopac 59 Helicopter Rescue and Videopac 60 Transamerica Rally. But we all know, that there was/is a Videopac plus version of Clay Pigeon. Who knows, when Philips wanted to release this game here.

You wrote, that Euro games were not compatible to the Brazil Odyssey. But games like Loony Balloon, Neutron Star, Super Bee, Air Battle were not released in the US. They were only release here in Europe and Brazil. Are this Euro games but compatible to brazil Odyssey?

Rafael Cardoso said...

No, thee Euro games are not compatible with the brazilian Odyssey so the brazilian releases are litlle diferent than euro relativies, for instance on the games you mentioned: Loney Ballon have diferent levels lay-out, Neutron Star have diferent colors and Super Bee have a diferent oppening screen, but for wath I remember, at least Super Bee can´t run on brazilian Odyssey. In some way Vpac is more powerfull than brazilian Odyssey and Odyssey2, so game like 4X1 and Backgammon aren´t possible to convert for these consoles.

TomBeck said...

René wrote something about Backgammon, that it will never run on brazil Odyssey and US Odyssey2 because of the timing is extremly critical (because of many mid-screen VDC updates). Maybe it´s the same for 4 in 1 Row. I don´t know exactly what that means, but sounds interesting. :)

Does the different levels lay-out at Loony Balloon, different colors at Neutron Star and the different opening at Super Bee means, that this games were new programmed for Brazil Odyssey?

Rafael Cardoso said...

Hard to know. Some Euro games, like VP15 and 33 was probably modified in U.S. Perhaps this other games have been modified in the US and planned to be launched there? Anyway I read something about a Brazilian programmer at The Odyssey2 homepage. It would be nice if someone would come to clarify.