Saturday, October 22, 2016

BZZZZZZZZ! (click here for english version)

Nos próximos meses, infelizmente, serei forçado a reduzir meu tempo em programação, às vezes a vida real nos chama. Antes de dar um pausa decidi retornar a um projeto a pedido de nosso amigo Tom Becker, então nos post de hoje farei uma prévia de Sweet Honey! Neste jogo, o jogador de verá controlar uma abelhinha que se move da esquerda para a direita, ela nunca para, mas é possível aumentar e diminuir sua velocidade. O objetivo da abelhinha é polonizar todas as flores, evitando colidir com as águias que voam em sentido contrário. Para isso, a abelhinha deve alternar sua posição entre os jardins superior e inferior. As flores brancas do jogo são denominadas "Flower Power". Em determinados momentos do jogo as águias fecharão a passagem de abelhinha, ele deve polinizar uma das "flower power" para que possa ser transportada a um local seguro, neste momento será mostrada a palavra "HONEY" na tela. Veja, abaixo, um vídeo do jogo em ação. Bom voo!


In the coming months, unfortunately, I will be forced to reduce my time in programming, sometimes real life calls us. Before taking a break decided to return to a project at the request of our friend Tom Becker, then in the today´s post I will make a preview of Sweet Honey! In this game, the player will control a little bee that moves from left to right, it never stops, but you can increase and decrease your speed. The purpose of the bee is pollinate all the flowers, avoiding colliding with the eagles flying in the opposite direction. For this, the little bee needs to alternate its position between the upper and lower gardens. In the game the white flowers are called "Flower Power". At certain times of the game the Eagles will close the passage of bee, it should pollinate one of the "flower power" so it can be transported to a safe location at this time will show the word "Honey" on the screen. Below is a video of the game in action. Good flight!


TomBeck said...

YEAH !!!

Rafael is working on "my" game! Thank you. That are good news, insteadt of the news, that you must take a break. I hope, you will not forget us and came back as soon as possible. I think, without you, I will lose my fun with Videopac.

But back now to the game. It looks sweet. But to be honest, I liked more the first blue enemy bees from your homepage insteadt of the new eagles. (see here: But thats only my opinion.

Would be interesting to know, how the finished game will maybe look. I know, that you have ever great ideas!

All the best for you!

Rafael Cardoso said...

I´m glad you like it. Yes, I remeber the old wasps on the game. At this point I just making some testing, things can change, for instance, the level intermission scree will be changed, maybe the wasps can back in the future, let´s see.

TomBeck said...

Of course, the dangerous killer wasps from a failed gene experiment. ;)

Would be great, when they came back.

Tim D. said...

This game looks real cool!
I like it!
Like Tom, I like the enemy blue bees better than the eagles... they seem to "fit" better in the story of the game...

Rafael Cardoso said...

Tahnks, friend. So I think the return of wasps will be unavoidable 8^D