Saturday, October 15, 2016

ENTRA, JOSUÉ! (click here for english version)

Concluídos os trabalhos de Amityville e Mean Santa decidi trabalhar um pouco na nova aventura de Josué Jorge, ainda sem título. Aproveitando o feriado da quarta-feira iniciei os trabalhos no interior das pirâmides. A ideia é que Josué só verá o piso em que se encontra. Por ora, isso é tudo, estou apenas fazendo alguns testes para poder pensar em um banco de dados mais eficiente para prosseguir na aventura. Assistam ao vídeo e tenham uma boa semana!


Concluded the works on Amityville and Mean Santa  I decided to work a little on the new untitled, Josué Jorge´s adventure  Taking advantage of the holiday on Wednesday began the work inside the pyramids. The idea is that Joshua will only see the floor where he is. For now, that's all, I'm just doing some tests to think of a more efficient database to continue the adventure. Watch the video and have a good week!


TomBeck said...

What I can see till now, looks great. Funny is, that I ask me last week, when you will go on with this game. Many of the enemies you could use, are also in Tutankham. So it´s not easy to find new ones. Or you use they. ;)

What ever you will make with the game, I am sure it will be again amazing!

Also for you a good week.

Rafael Cardoso said...

I try to work a bit on each project and at the same time try to think which way to go with the game. Perhaps the next adventure to be ready to be Robin Hood, but only the future will tell.